You get all manufacturing processes from a single source

As a full-service engineering firm supplying national and international customers with top-quality manufactured parts according to their requirements, we cover all manufacturing processes, such as milling, turning, drilling and electro-discharge machining.

In cooperation with long-standing qualified partnerships we also offer further services such as welding and sheet metal forming, as well as a range of surface treatments. Our focus is on stainless steel, aluminium and high-tech synthetics processing.

Together with our long-standing partners, we will manufacture your component with the utmost in precision and quality. The neutral alignment of our machines enables us to meet almost any customer request, and to manufacture the required components within a very short time.

Want to lower the costs for your products?

Our 50 years of know-how as manufacturing specialists means we can give you comprehensive advice. We'll tell you what batch sizes are optimal in order to keep the unit cost as low as possible. We'll check whether a component's manufacture could be less complex, while retaining the same functional characteristics and quality. Thanks to our certified quality management system, we're able to take the testing operations off your hands as well. On request, tested components will be recorded so that you don't need to check them again.

Our many years of experience enables us to work in all industry sectors. Due to our connection with the SIG Combibloc Group, we manufacture highly complex components for the packaging industry in the field of food packaging, to the highest standards and specifications.

Our experience with international customers means we can organise downstream processes and workflows for you so that, for instance, shipping and customs handling run smoothly - in every country in the world. We guarantee speedy delivery.